July 5, 2022

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Six Concerning “Christian” Ideas, And What The Bible Says About Them

A recent conversation got me concerned. The ideas were not new to me, but what was interesting was the volley of ideas that kept coming, kept coming without biblical justification. A Christian of a number of years, explained it is not good when Christians have “head knowledge”. In other-words, we should not study the Bible […]

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How To Spot Deception and Prevent Yourself From Being Swayed by Illicit Arguments (Post 2)

The Maxim I Like Most catch phrases concern me, especially when one uses them at whim without reflection and deep background knowledge of the meaning and potential pitfalls. However, there is one I kind of like. Penned by nineteenth century Alexander Campbell, this maxim address Christian religious authority: “Where the Bible speaks, we speak; where […]

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How To Spot Deception and Prevent Yourself From Being Swayed by Illicit Arguments (Post 1)

Adding to the Scripture If one does not hold the Bible as the ultimate authority and from God, there are greater concerns then what I’m about to address. However, I assume you hold the Bible to be foundational. I’m very concerned when people, Christians, elevate other concepts to biblical level. Or as Jesus put it […]

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An Urologist’s Principle You Can Use in Communicating Christ

While I was assisting in an urology procedure, the type where the patient wants to be knocked out and hopes he is unknown by staff, the doctor explained his patient communication method. His “technique” was his vocabulary, the type that would make great grandma Elsa blush in embarrassment. Very easy to understand terms – crude. […]

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The Little Girl and Her Watch

I once read a parable of a little girl – living before the time of atomic clocks – who noticed all clocks in her village told a different time. Ambitiously she set out to get everyone synced to the correct time – her time. Walking down the dusty streets, going from house to house and shop to shop, she attempted […]

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