May 18, 2024

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Finding the right speaker for your event requires much time and effort. Thus, I want to thank you for considering me. The goal of this page is to help you easily find the right information as you make the best possible decision.

If you want to check my availability for your event, or if you have some questions before proceeding, please click here:

My Background and Goals

When skeptics challenge my faith, I want to have thought out answers. I believe this is only reasonable and right for me to do. My goal is to pass along any knowledge I have so others can also make a defense for Christianity.

If you have the same above vision, I hope we can work together to help educate others to be winsome ambassadors for Christ. I would love to have a conversation with your group, conference or organization on the evidence for faith.

Daniel’s Biography

Two bios are included, a short (under 50 words) and a long.

Short Bio

Society is constantly pressuring us to conform to secular ideas. Is your family prepared? Daniel is one of the “ground guys” on the college campus and helps train and equip families for the real world challenges against their faith.

Long Bio

Daniel grew up with five siblings and was home educated K-12. After high school, he went on to earn a technology education degree and a biology graduate degree. In addition, he is a graduate of the Discovery Institute Summer Seminar, an intensive training in science, philosophy and intelligent design.

This unique educational background has opened doors for him in various professional careers including graphic design, industrial design, line art, information technology and healthcare. In addition, since 2009, he has taught biology and technology at the college, high school and Jr. high levels.

While biology and technology may seem like a strange duo, he sees them as being quite compatible. This distinct background gives him an eye for designs found in nature, designs that point to the Creator. Because of his background and interest in these areas, and desire to have answers for those who ask, he founded iApologia. iApologia is a platform where he shares on Science, Reason and Christianity.

Over the years, various venues have invited him to speak, including churches, conferences (homeschool, creation/apologetics, evangelism, etc.), campus student groups and classroom settings. The topics included such things as science, social issues, equipping, pre-college preparation, apologetics, intelligent design and creation.

Also, he is a speaker for the Midwest Creation Fellowship, Creation Evidence Expo and for Ratio Christi. Locally, he is actively involved with a Ratio Christi university campus chapter where he interacts with real world questions and challenges. His writing has been published in a number of media outlets such as Salvo, The Creation Club and iApologia.

Speaker Recommendation
Daniel did a fabulous job in speaking at our chapter. He is accustomed to relating and speaking to college aged students and at his presentation there were at least four phd’s that enjoyed him. He is very knowledgeable of his subject matter and handled q and a very well. He well exceeded my expectations. I would highly recommend him.

Ryan Foster — Ratio Christi leader

What Can You Expect?
My foremost goal is to respond to the needs of your group while developing a long-lasting working relationship. Here’s what you can expect from me:

1. Prompt, professional replies to your messages.

2. A special resource page, provided to your attendees after the event. It will include links to possible resources such as free articles, audio files, video files, books, and other resources I believe will be helpful.

3. A quick follow-up communication after the event to make sure I met your expectations.

Where Do I Speak or Teach?
It is my goal to be prepared to dialog with anyone and any group anywhere to give reasons for Christianity. From my experience, there are so many questions, concerns and doubts inside and outside of Christianity. I would love to come beside you and your group to help train others to have a response. My goal is to design high quality presentations that can reach various ages. I am willing to speak at your group including:

  • Home education conventions and conferences
  • School conventions and conferences
  • Classrooms
  • Special Events
  • Regional and national conferences
  • Campus groups and clubs
  • High school clubs
  • Homeschool Co-Ops
  • Social clubs
  • Youth gatherings
  • Camps and retreats
  • Fellowship gatherings
  • Anywhere I can help people grow or challenge others

Speaker Recommendation
My name is Trent Parrish, I am a Junior Health Science Major at Bradley University. I have listened to two presentations by Mr. Currier. Each presentation was clear, precise, and direct as well as informative, defending, and persuading. The presentations were very well prepared, I thought he did a really nice job. On the presenting side, he did a really good job moving throughout the front of the room to keep the audience’s attention. Also, it really sticks out how genuine he was to people, and he was passionate. As a student leader who is concerned about Truth being proclaimed, I would highly recommend him as a speaker.

Trent Parrish — Student leader

My Talks
Below is a sample of my talks (click the below links to expand out to the talks under the main heading). If you have a different topic in mind, feel free to click the button below and start a conversation.

Science and Creation Focused Topics (Click Here If Needed)

Three Nuclear Strength Reasons Biology Confirms The Creator
Do you want the absolute best response to Darwinism? This popular presentation gives three nuclear strength reasons why biology points to the Designer, not Darwinism. These include origin of information, origin of life and origin of molecular machines in the cell. [College prep, Science, Creation evidence]

The Challenge of College Evolution and The Christian Response
Many college biology classes give reasons for Darwinian evolution. Do you have responses to these reasons? In this talk, we will look at several popular pro-Darwinian ideas and why they don’t hold up under tough scrutiny. [College prep, Science, Creation evidence]

God Got Science Right In The Bible
Is the Bible scientifically accurate? Is the Bible at war with science? In this talk we will look at why this ancient text is not outdated by modern Science. We will exhibit several biblical claims that preempt modern science. [Bible, Science, Creation evidence]

40 Trillion Reasons Evolution Is Dead
Life screams design. In each of your approximately 40 trillion cells, you have thousands of miniature machine types. Sprinkled with cutting edge 3D animated videos, this talk shows why the tiny machines inside of the cell points to a big Creator. [Science, Creation evidence]

Why Christianity is the Foundation for Science
Is science at war with Christianity? No, actually the Christian worldview gave us science. This talk gives a number of Christian assumptions that built science and shows why science is meaningless without God. [Bible, Science]

Equipping the Family Focused Talks (Click Here If Needed)

​How to be Immune to Bad Ideas in Society
The next generation will encounter ideas that challenge the Christian worldview. Will they be prepared? We can’t just ignore the issues, isolate them or only show them the truth. Rather we need to inoculate them. This discussion shows why inoculation is essential and then gives some practical ideas on how it can be done. [Equipping Students and Parents]

What Every Student And Parent Should Know Before College
The college culture promotes may dangerous ideas, worldviews and temptations. These include Marxism, Darwinism, materialism, other religions, immorality and the culture of me. In this talk, we will survey such topics and give advice how students and parents can navigate them. [Equipping Students and Parents]

The Right Worldview Prepares Students For College and the Real World
Sadly, many who identify as Christian do not hold a biblical worldview nor live a life consistent with Jesus’ teachings. Do you have this worldview down? This talk goes back to the basics, the core foundation, building a consistent and biblical worldview. The aim is to strengthen and equip people to be solid and persuasive Christian ambassadors. [Equipping Students and Parents]

Tool Box For Deception Prevention
The world is full of deception and bad ideas, ideas that can be found on social media, society and college. This talk provides the essential and core tools, as system of passion for integrity, knowledge of truth versus error, and steps for spotting, stopping and shielding from deception. [Equipping Students and Parents]

How To Engage The Culture: Essential Skills for Christ’s Ambassadors
Knowing what you believe and why you believe it is not enough. We also need tools and tactics for effective communication so we can be winsome persuaders. This talk will show how to communicate with gentleness and respect on social media, in the workplace and on campus. [Equipping Students and Parents]

Relevant Social Issues and Christianity (Click Here If Needed)

Answering Today’s Confusing Abortion Issue
Is it “my body” and “my right” to have an abortion? Is the fetus just a parasite, just a clump cells or a piece of tissue? Is it a non-person? What about in the case of rape and incest? This talk clarifies the issue from the scientific, logical and biblical perspectives, and answers one essential question: what is that thing in the womb? [Equipping Students and Parents]

The Christian and the Confusing Communism vs. Capitalism Debate
The ideas of Marx are attracting today’s youth, because they sound so good. However, is Marxism even moral? Looking at the origins and assumptions of Marxism and the free market system, we find one fits a materialistic worldview and the other is based upon the biblical worldview. [Equipping Students and Parents]

Answering The Challenge “If God, Why Pain and Suffering”
One of the heaviest challenges to Christianity is the problem of pain and suffering. When someone raises the issue, do you have answers? This talk will focus on the two main types of challenges and will give empathetic, biblical and rational answers. [Equipping Students and Parents]

Is Euthanasia Morally Right?
Euthanasia is a complex and hard issue to tackle. This talk will define the four types of euthanasia, look at the topic from a biblical perspective and address the social ramifications of euthanasia. [Equipping Students and Parents]

Being Straight In a Gay World
The LGBT issue has descended upon us like a flash flood, Christians are claimed to be intolerant. Like many of the social issues, it is usually driven by emotions, feelings and personal experience. Whether “gay rights”, gay adoption, same-sex marriage, gender identity, gender diversity and transsexuality, we are seeing in shift in society’s views. How does the Christian address this massive and volatile topic? [Equipping Students and Parents]

Speaker Recommendation
I thought yesterday was super helpful. You gave some good, strong arguments and our students really appreciated it. I thought you did a great job respectfully questioning evolution while sharing your views in humility. Not sure if you noticed this, but a lot of people wrote down your info at the end. It was obvious that you really enjoy helping young people strengthen convictions and know why they believe what they do. Thanks again for taking the time to help strengthen our students in their confidence before God and others.

Pete Avery — Cru leader

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