July 18, 2024

I Believe in Ten People

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I have a passion to have answers for my faith. I believe this is reasonable and right for me to do. If you also desire to be prepared to give answers to your family, friends and even “foes”, I have some thoughts to share with you. There are three items we should do.

First, we need to become a disciple of Jesus Christ.

Second, we are to help strengthen fellow believers to become more like Christ.

Third, we are to love others and help them come to know Jesus of Nazareth as their king.

This leads me right into an invitation, come with me for a few minutes to consider just 10 people. If I can just affect ten people – total – on this site and when I speak, and you can just affect ten people in your life to become closer to Christ, what kind of impact can we all have? Together we will have over 100 people closer to Christ! Now, when we multiply this out, from person to person, exponentially we can change the world!

If I have inspired you to share in this vision, please take the material presented on this site and help change the world around you. You will want to be kept updated with the latest resources. Click here so you can get the latest posts straight to your inbox.

Go out and take what you have learned here and be confident, be bold, be reasonable, be biblical, be Christlike! When we all are working, we will be excited to see what others are doing for the sake of the kingdom.

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