May 18, 2024

The “Man’s Reasoning” Fallacy

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Science v. God?I have heard it said by those who are trying to be Christianly pious, in the best sense of the word, that we should not be using “man’s reasoning.” I assume this is said to sway another from a supposed anti-biblical view. Are they against “man’s reasoning”? I think not.

It seems that it is said to one who holds differing views from our pious critic, even if our critic has no scriptural justification to hold that view. Second, many times that person has no good arguments, reasons or biblical precepts to hold to that view, he or she just has assumptions and assertions. Lastly, I see those who express this when they think one is not using supposed “simple faith” (one can use reason and have “simple faith” as the link indicates).

While these types of individuals like to think of themselves as obtaining reasons verbatim from the Bible, in reality they are using “man’s reasoning” or in other words, their view. This view has no biblical justification, so unless they can give something other than a string of assertions, they have no case and the argument is self refuting.

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