May 18, 2024

Thou Shalt Look Different

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I have heard a Christian a time or two say, “we should look different from the world.” In those times I always want to ask, “what do you mean by the words “world”, “look different”, and “we”. In one sense I am fairly sure what is meant by this, however, to be frank, I am not totally sure. I am not even sure if the one who express this knows what he or she is trying to say.

I have two concerns with this comment, first I don’t think it’s biblical and second it’s vague. The writers of the Bible explain that we are to be sanctified, set apart, holy, sin overcomes, modestly dressed, and we need to have the right attitude, to name a few things. They give complete instructions how we are to be followers of Christ, within any culture context, century and society. 
Also, this “sound bite” is nebulous because I can think of a million ways to look different from the “world” (which I am going to assume here as society around about). However, that gives me no definition on how God wants me to be, act, dress, etc. 
Whether or not we “look different from the word” is irrelevant, in fact this should not even be thought about. Our focus should be following Christ, doing what he did and acting like he acted. No, we don’t have to wear togas . . . I think you got the point . . . If we are his followers, we will be different, we won’t even have to try!

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