May 18, 2024

The iApologia Vision, And What It Means for You

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A number of years ago, A biography of Patrick of Ireland was given to me [1]. He was connected with a fifth century group of Christians from ancient Britain (not Roman Catholic), he seemed to have had two main goals. One was for Christians to follow Christ closer, and the second, his heart was for the Irish people to come to Christ. Possibly he became the greatest missionary since Paul. His story, among other reasons [2], made me think bigger – giving a bigger vision for my life – this site is one aspect of that vision. Since inception, this site has reached literally thousands of people from around the world. From Christians to atheists, I have had diversity of visitors. This is not said in pride, rather I’m humbled for the impact that this little site may have and I present it for a following explanation.

The Vision, The First Main Goal

I would like you know that vision, it may be bigger than some think. It is not just focused on my own life, my family, or the group of Christians I meet with. The first focus is that I can be a positive challenge the unbeliever – to leave a stone in his or her shoe. I want to tear away the clutter of secular philosophies and their false views of Christianity. I want them to see their sin, turn from it and follow Christ. I want them to know “The Way”. I’m no Patrick, but my desire is to have a positive effect on all who want to hear. Maybe I can put a stone in another’s shoe – I don’t know, but I do what I can and leave the rest up to God. I hope you do the same.

The Second Main Goal

On the flip side, I have a second goal. My desire is that all Christians may come closer to Christ, follow and obey him more – whoever they are. My hope is that all would understand original mere Christianity. I want to encourage all to focus on Christ and his Kingdom – serving him in truth and in spirit. This is done by taking the focus off our desires, the perceived “essentials” and from the sin of this world, and fix their eyes on Christ and his Kingdom.

Reasons and evidences are presented so Christians can be more confident in this harsh world. I want them to know what Jesus taught so they can have knowledge what they believe and live that knowledge. I want them to understand why they believe it so they can have an answer for those around them, whether one asks or they initiate conversation.

This site is not for any specific group of Christians. Rather I try to post items that relate to many people – all my readers. For example, this was the case in a previous post on teachings, that many groups hold, that the Bible does not teach [here]. All the items presented are common among many Christian groups. One item I got push back on was “Altar Calls” – a novel practice that many groups practice. Another was the “Spirit Led” philosophy that some think started around the holiness or pietistic movements and spread rapidly to present evangelical Christianity and elsewhere. This one seems to always get push back from Christians of all strips – it is so desirable by so many, including myself. However, history is fairly clear on both items – but people can become emotional when we assess them.

Feel Free to Push Back

However, push back is okay, feel free to challenge my posts. That’s why I allow comments below, if one wants to respond. This is how we learn, by asking questions and assessing the reasons. However, I would ask everyone to be respectful, no character assassination and emotional responses – I don’t allow those to be posted. Always use love and respect, with reason and wisdom.

On the other hand, if the vision of this site is not yours, if what I say offends, if you have no desire to think deeper about what you believe and no desire to help others come to Christ – then feel free to stop reading. This site may not be for you. Of course, I desire all to read and grow, but if not, that’s fine. However, please, before passing judgment upon this site or me, check out the evidence I present and my motives. If you are a follower of Christ, please don’t gossip and spread discord about this site or the writer.

What are your thoughts on Patrick of Ireland, what have you heard about him? What is your motive for life, if you are a Christian, what are you doing for the furtherance of the Gospel of the Kingdom? If you are an atheists, agnostic or from some other religion, what is preventing you to come to Christ?

[1] Let Me Die in Ireland, the True Story of Patrick
[2] Such as Paul calls us all to be ambassadors [2 Corinthians 5:20], which he was as well, he behaved godly and spoke about the gospel of the Kingdom to all.

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