August 11, 2022

Emulating The Carpenter

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We are called to follow Christ (1 Peter 2:21), so what was Christ like so we can follow him? One recently challenged me to find out. Here is a start, I have thirteen attributes that came to mind of what Christ did and and taught.

  1. Loving. Mark 12:28-34. We are to love God and others. First Corinthians 13 says love is patient, kind, content, humble, unselfish, temperate and not an evil thinker. Love delights in truth and not sin. It hopes, protects, trusts and never fails.
  2. Sacrificial. John 15:13. We are to give out lives for others. Jesus was tortured and murdered for us.
  3. Evangelism. Matthew 28:16-20. We are to share the gospel with others. This is a perpetual teaching for all generations of Christ’s followers.
  4. Heal the sick. Matthew 8:1-4. Are we willing to pray for others and then help them when they are sick? Do we help those who struggle with anxiety and depression?
  5. Division. Luke 12:51. Jesus came to dived people, those who believe on him and those who don’t. 
  6. Truthful. John 8:31-47. Christ brings truth, even to point out those who are of the Devil.
  7. Merciful. Matthew 9:35-38. Jesus was full of mercy and compassion. Are we quick to judge or are we first willing to learn and listen?
  8. Identifying hypocrisy. Matthew 23. Jesus called out the religious leaders for hypocrisy and he called them for what they were, hypocrites. Feigning something and being two faced, saying one thing when and then doing another, is hypocrisy.
  9. Dialoged with others. Luke 2:46-47. Jesus was very active in dialectics, asking questions and giving answers that persuaded people to truth. Many times he understood before trying to be understood. Many say we as Christians need to be silent, however Jesus spoke much.
  10. Servant. Mark 10:45. Jesus came to serve. He calls us to do the same in Matthew 25:31-46.
  11. Teaching. Matt. 28:19–20. Christ was didactically inclined and a great teacher, he communicated well. Do we teach others or are we focused on self? Hebrews 5:12 says a mature follower of Christ needs to teach. Are we actively learning to be a better teacher and learning more about Christ? Are we intentionally teaching others the way of Christ?
  12. Forgiving. Luke 23:34. Christ was very forgiving. Do we forgive others? I must say it is much easier said than done, but we are to forgive. Matthew 6:15 says that we need to forgive others, otherwise God will not forgive our sins.
  13. Unity. John 17:11.Unity is when one becomes a follower of Christ, and learns and follows his teachings. We become united both with Christ and other believers when we fulfill these two core precepts.

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