December 4, 2022

Top Posts Of 2015 That You Don’t Want To Miss

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Last year, the post views went out with a bang, the second most popular post was the last one! But before we talk about the top posts, let’s get the year started right with some thoughts.

Every work of art, every movie, every book and every song has an objective and a world-view attached (which is why we need to know what we believe and why, and know deviations from truth). This blog is all about bringing people closer to Christ, whether a Christian or not. I try to promote a Christian world-view.

If Christ is not your focus: I’m after YOU! He is the foundation and pivot for life. Anything that takes precedence over him and his teachings becomes idols. I have become more convinced than ever the need of us to step up to the plate and answer bad philosophy and deceptive views that are so prevalent. That is why this blog is here, to help do that!

As the year progressed, there was a steady growth in subscribers from the year before, thanks and I hope it has been (and will be) worth your time to hang out here! If you are not an email subscriber yet, please join others and sign up!

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Here are the top six posts that made it around the globe, so they may interest you too!

10 Christian Teachings That You Thought Were In the Bible, But Aren’t

Most interesting, this post quadrupled the hits of the runner up. The content is interesting and very relevant to much of Western Christianity. Many of these items are universal to all sects of protestantism. Most groups can claim a good number of these, but probably very few can claim them all. We ought not assume but rather should know what is biblical and what is new. Not all new things are bad or good, we just should not conflate it with the Bible, and the Bible should take precedence over our cultures (Read more here…).

5 Christmas Myths That Some May Thought Were in the Bible, But Aren’t.

Christmas has so many myths. Maybe the two most controversial myths is the celebration itself and the tree. Online forms buzzed with “grinches” slamming the holiday and tree before Christmas. Some said that both are from pagan origins, thus they are wrong. However this is called the genetic fallacy. Even if they were at one time wrong, does not mean that they still are. If one does or does not want to celebrate…that is fine biblically! However, I have to wonder, if these”grinches” are Christian, why don’t they take this amazing opportunity to share Christ (Read more here…)?

The One View Some Christians and Some Atheists Agree On – And Why It is Wrong!

Just like the silly ideas by Christians that there is a divide between “Faith and Reason” or that the subject of Philosophy is wrong. However, it is interesting, many atheists agree with them on both items! This post address the idea that without good philosophy, bad philosophy abounds. Oh, by the way, we all do philosophy, it is just those who do it well and consistent, and those who don’t (Read more here…).

A Very Obvious Reason Biology Points To God! (Which You May Not Have Thought About)

Have you ever heard that Science and God are in opposition? Well just like the previous ideas of “faith vs. reason” and “philosophy is wrong”, I will have to say this idea is really foolish! Science is grounded upon Christian ideology. In fact one of the most exciting fields of research today is copying the designs in nature. This process points to a Creator (Read more here…)!

Six Concerning “Christian” Ideas, And What The Bible Says About Them person asked a class “what is the problem with today’s Christians, ignorance or apathy.” A kid in the back shouted out “I don’t know and I don’t care.” This post challenges some of the most tantalizing ideas in Christianity today: promotion of ignorance and apathy that are widespread practice in Christendom. All items in the post are the “easy” and “comfortable” things to do. But we are not called to ease and comfort. Some are claimed to cause “pride”, thus spiritualizing the unbiblical views. It is sad if the young think this way, but it is even worse when teachers teach this! All I can say is shame on people who recklessly teach these teachings (Read more here…)!

Neil deGrasse Tyson and Before the Universe

Famous for his star role in “Cosmos: A Spacetime Odyssey”, Tyson’s views are held high. However, this post address his views (or lack of views) on the origin of the universe. While he makes disparaging remarks toward the theists model, he postulates a couple other “where the universe came from” ideas. The “multiverse” and it “just popped into existences from nothing”. It seems that for himself, he holds to the safe and seemly intellectually superior skeptics view of “I don’t know”. Then he asks the elementary question who made God (Read more here…)?

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