November 29, 2023

Paint On The Wall

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Paint on the wall. Yes, it does have significance to a house, but structurally what does it do? Do we as Christians sometimes focus on the “paint” instead of structurally issues? Do we quarrel over silly issues that have no long term ramifications and just cause division?

Yes, we can say they are important , but are they really? Are we focused on obeying Christ and the apostle’s doctrines, or do we go about making up our own teachings that they knew nothing about?

Do we learn so we can teach others? Do we grow so we can affect others? What are you doing for the sake of Christ?

We each have been given at least one gift, what is yours and what are you doing with it? There is a war going on, are you just sitting there worried about the “paint on the wall”, or are you doing something for the kingdom? Are you lifting the curse, saving lives from both spiritual and physical pain and death? Be intentional, be bold, be true, be merciful.

Follow Christ’s example and teachings.

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