August 11, 2022

Category: genes

apologetics, biology, DNA, genes, genome

The Mystery of the Secret Code

Let me tell you a little secret, your body is made up of  about 100,000 billion cells. All these come from one cell. Amazing. But wait there is more, inside each of your cells you have longs strands called DNA. These strands carry information, much like the text you are reading now. This is amazing right? […]

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antibiotic resistance, biology, cells, DNA, genes, genome, intelligent design, superbugs

“Superbugs” In Sewage

Image source: Iqbal Osman/Flickr. “Superbugs” have been found breeding well in Chinese sewage plants. Tests at two wastewater treatment plants in northern China revealed antibiotic-resistant bacteria were not only escaping purification but also breeding and spreading their dangerous cargo. Joint research by scientists from Rice, Nankai and Tianjin universities found “superbugs” carrying New Delhi Metallo-beta-lactamase […]

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apologetics, biology, cells, DNA, epigenetics, evolution, genes, genome, intelligent design, molecular machines, science

Double Function: DNA Code and Duons

Cells are the “building block of life”, they form organisms. Inside, DNA resides, storing the instructions that tell how to build proteins. Protein are made up of something called called amino acids. The instructions in the DNA are called genes. However, the DNA has other functions as well, it regulates some of the cell’s activities. DNA code […]

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