July 5, 2022

Double Function: DNA Code and Duons

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Cells are the “building block of life”, they form organisms. Inside, DNA resides, storing the instructions that tell how to build proteins. Protein are made up of something called called amino acids. The instructions in the DNA are called genes. However, the DNA has other functions as well, it regulates some of the cell’s activities. DNA code seems to have multiple layers of information, from molecular tags. Much of the information outside of the DNA is called the epigenome. While genes and epigenomes are interesting, there is evidence that DNA itself, the four letters that make up the DNA (A, T, C, and G), contain at least two layers of information. One that directs the sequence of the amino acids to make protein. The other helps regulate where types of molecular machines can copy the code to make RNA, an intermediate between DNA and protein. This is a regulatory function. These instructions are found many places on the DNA code. However, some of it is found coded right with the genes, in the same sequences that code for protein! The sequence of the DNA is “nonrandom”. This means that these genes are highly specified. They need to be, they are carrying at least two layers of information on some genes. The writers of the below study state the following: “The information architecture of the received genetic code is optimized for superimposition of additional information.” This causes a simultaneous encoding of amino acids and regulatory information within exons, the parts of the gene that code for protein. We only see information come from a mind. In this case, we have two layers of information, in the same “text”. Think of reading a book. Now what if you turned the book and read it in another direction, ore even backwards. While doing this, the author has written more information that is with in the same text that you were just reading. You have a very compact book with couple layers of information. Just one layer of information points to a creator. However, given that we find at least two layers of information makes it even more stunning. Two layers makes it even more stunning and exponentially points to a mindful origin.

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Stergachis, A. B. et al. 2013. Exonic Transcription Factor Binding Directs Codon Choice and Affects Protein Evolution. Science. 342 (6164): 1367-1372.

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One thought on “Double Function: DNA Code and Duons

  1. Many believe in genetics. All that is said shows a few building blocks defines an organisms development from pre-conception on.

    The Bible is a similar book that defines our new spiritual birth. There are layers of teaching leading to our development. If we can believe the physical healing Jesus performed on those born with defects, can we not see he is able to heal sin issues in us.

    Two books; both inspired / created by the same author. Both books are parallel in facing health. The immune system sends help. The Father sent help through his son Jesus.

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