The Christian’s Focus

As followers of Christ, we need a focus. That focus is sometimes diverted in topics and areas that are irrelevant. One is excessive divisions between those who are dedicated followers of Christ. We need to be tearing down artificial walls among true believers and followers of Christ, not building more. Our battle needs to be focused on following the two greatest commandments, and making disciples, bringing them into the kingdom. Right now many battles in Christianity is focused on the wrong front – each other.

  • Let’s focus on truth, which is the gospel.
  • Let’s focus on the furtherance of the kingdom of God, with Christ as king and we in his domain.
  • Let’s focus on true biblical love, love that is patient, kind, not envious, humble, helps others, trusts, is righteous, and is obedient to Christ’s commands.
What a world this would be if we would fight, fight in Christ’s army, fight sin, fight evil, and immorality. Lets preserve truth, and challenge those around use to join the ultimate cause for Christ’s kingdom!

Image source: “Ottavio vannini, san giovanni che indica il Cristo a Sant’Andrea” by Ottavio Vannini (1585-c. 1643) – Giovanni Piccirillo (a cura di), La chiesa dei Santi Michele e Gaetano, Becocci Editore, Firenze 2006. sailko. Licensed under Public domain via Wikimedia Commons 

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