March 5, 2024

4 Creative Ideas For Christmas Cards and Greetings

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In the last post, I gave ideas on Christmas’ card captions. Here I want to build on that and give more ideas to help you as you send out cards.

Make your message short, memorable and succinct

Give the essence of Christ, the reason for his birth and maybe even a succinct gospel message of the kingdom. However, “preachy” cars may turn many off.

Push against the slogans

People become dull of hearing the message when slogans lose their original luster. For example, instead of “Merry Christmas” use maybe “Happy Christmas.”

Use Images and text lines that are deep but different

Building off the two previous points, if you can write or if you are an artist, use simple truths in a new and powerful way. We have the “romantic” Nativity scenes, but what about a greater range of feelings, such as the despair of being turned away from an inn, the pain of child birth and the “stuck in the manger” feel and running from the king’s soldiers? How about the perspective of the magi, the Shepherds or maybe even Herod!

Stay away from the “political correct” phrases 

Our culture is pushing everyone to be “PC”, in this case we need to “swim against the tide”. Examples of these meaningless phrases include the infamous “have a happy holiday”, rather use greetings that have substance for the meaning of this time of the year.

Do you have more ideas? If so, feel free to them below!

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