July 18, 2024

Why Science Confirms The Creator – Part 2 [Podcast]

Why Science Confirms The Creator – Part 2 [Podcast]
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So, is science at war with God? Well, this second in a series of three podcasts address this question. This podcast is an excerpt from my popular talk, “Why Science Confirms The Creator“.

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iApologia podcast

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Post similar to the content in this podcast: Celebrate Darwin’s Day By Doubting Darwinism.

As noted in the iApologia Podcast, here is the link to my proposed book chapter for young teens.

If you would like to give ideas for a book title and subtitle, I would really appreciate it!

Also, as noted in the iApologia Podcast, feel free to grab the Free Quick Guide “Why Science Points to God: 8 Quick Reasons I Think Science Affirms The Creator” and join us for the latest updates.

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