July 18, 2024

Darwinism, Definitions and Morgues [Video Quick Answers]

Darwinism, Definitions and Morgues [Video Quick Answers]
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It may have been Lee Strobel, I’m not totally sure. But a reporter once told a story of a small town girl employed at a big city newspaper. Mom, the girl’s mom, had thin confidence for her daughter’s safety, always expecting the worse scenarios that flaked her imagination. Mom would periodically call her daughter’s office phone to ensure her safety. Then the unexpected happened.

One day, the small town girl was downstairs digging in the newspaper’s morgue, the room were old papers and reference works were kept. It so happened her absence from her desk coincided with one of her mom’s periodical calls. An unsuspecting passing coworker virtuously grabbed the phone to take the message.

Worrisome mom asked of her daughter’s location. The coworker said “She’s down in the morgue.” I’m sure it took a few minutes to calm the nerves and the tumultuous eruption of mollycoddling mom through sweet talk and complete definitions of the various meanings of the word morgue.

The word morgue, however, is not the only equivocal word in the English language, there are many other words with multiple definitions too, such as the the word evolution. Facebook friends can be quite finicky on this, if you say you don’t believe in evolution. Just wait for the ridicule outbreak and a shriek to punch your eardrums.

It so happens that people at times are working on different definitions. In the biological world, the word evolution can have a number of meanings. To make the concept clear and simple, I have broken the word down into two simple definitions. One meaning is something that everyone agrees happen, which is what I call biological evolution or the standard definition of biological evolution. The other is highly controversial, or what I call Darwinian evolution (Darwinism, neo-Darwinism, the modern synthesis). I, along with many others, am highly skeptical of this later claim, to say the least.

Enjoy the quick answers video below:

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