March 5, 2024

My Top 4 Most Popular Posts of 2014 (And What I Learned from Them)

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At the end of the 2014 year, I have pulled together my top 4 blog posts from I think it is important to think about these topics again, both for the content and the reasons many may have wanted to read the posts. As a blogger, I need to be sensitive to the needs of the reader, trying to both inform and arm you with interesting and important ideas that will help you in your interactions. I think I can also learn things from them as a blogger. Feel free to check out my thoughts and posts!

1) WRONG! How to raise a rebel or an atheist (don’t do these things if you want your progeny to be Christian).

Concerned parents and teachers want to teach their children and students to know and understand truth. This post gives ideas of things not to do – it’s full of sarcasm!

2) 3 Things You Thought The Bible Says About Christmas, But It Doesn’t. The Bible never says that Jesus was born in a stable, the angels sang or that there were three wise men.

Simply put, people want to know what they have been missing out on and also like to learn. This post fulfills both of these desires. It also implies that we need to read the biblical text carefully – not with our presuppositions!

3) Multiverse Theory Proves Flying Spaghetti Monster. If the Multiverse Theory is true, the proverbial Flying Spaghetti Monster, along with many other crazy things exist!

I can’t take credit as the author of this post. Just reading the title almost makes one laugh. The post itself is even more hilarious! The logical conclusion from an hypothesis that tries to present itself as being so prestigious – but it is innately unverifiable. It seems people will go to all ends with blind faith to hold to a view that tries to put “God out of a job.” (However, it still does not demonstrate that there is no God. If this view was true, we still have the question of who made the multiverse?)

4) The Amazing Cell! The amazing design and signal broadcasting system in the cell.

This post was one amazing video clip you will have to watch again! It shows some process that happen within our cells – an awesome and amazing signal broadcasting system!

Feel free to tell me which one was your favorite post in the space below!  

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