September 26, 2023

Big Thoughts on Christianity

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These “big thoughts on Christianity” have been rattling around in my head. These are areas in my life that I have been trying to work on. Hope you can also put these principles to use!

Focus on Scriptural Integrity.

1) Reading passages/verses in context reduces error and poor exegesis.
2) Coming to the Scriptures to understand a concept, not to prove a preconceived concept/practice.
3) Understand the difference between biblical descriptions and prescriptions, where it describes versus commands.
4) Proper definitions of 400 year words (if the KJV is used).
5) Use and understand the Bible in the way that it was intended.

Encourage Biblical Focus.

1) Have truth, mercy, forgiveness, justice and mercy, and obey the two greatest commands.
2) Receive other followers of Christ as brothers and sisters.
3) Visit the widows, orphans, and prisoners.
4) Tell others the way of Christ with our words and character.
5) Biblical commands take precedence over culture and opinions, nor should culture and opinions be elevated to the level of scripture in word, thought or action.

Culture of Inquiry.

1) Understand others more and vigilant to ask questions so I don’t misrepresent another.
2) Understand why, if possible, so I can give reasons for the faith of Christ.
3) Understand biblical reasons and commands and encourage others to use them for their arguments.
4) Understand and be confident in truth so I’m not immediately threatened by error and deception.
5) Understand discernment with wise and knowledgeable ethics built upon biblical morality.

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