May 18, 2024

Captain Nemo And His Sub Expose This One Silly Belief.

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Twenty Thousand Leagues Under The Sea

Verne’s fictitious whaler characters chased Captain Nemo’s stupendous submarine all over the ocean. Wild imaginations of a gigantic whale haunted them. You see, captain Nemo’s design for his vessel, Nautilus, was somewhat based upon marine creature’s hydrodynamic shapes.

Ideological Framework

The single most pervading intellectual ideology of our time (and maybe ever) is the materialistic, neo-Darwinian framework. Many feel that “nature designs” new biological structures. Functional? Complex? Specific? Meaningful?

What? a mindless process designing?

Minds vs. Material

Interestingly, from our experience, we never see natural process pregnant with engineering abilities. We never have. If this concept weren’t couched in such technological language, plus holding such high esteem within academia, it would sound foolish.

In fact, the only design originator from our experience is a mind. Why would we ascribe the mindful enterprise to inanimate objects? Do non-animate objects have the capabilities of designing, imagining or communicating?

The same definition of nothing is the same as what rocks think about. Other inanimate objects think about the same thing.

Fall On Your Face And Worship That Stone!

When we look back at ancient cultures and the “uncivilized,” we are humored by idol worship, how silly of those people to think wood and stove carvings are life’s creators. Modernity strangely struggles with a similar scenario, with the more technical phrase “nature designs.” strikes me as facetious. 

It takes multitudes of highly trained, intelligent minds to design a machine functioning like the fictional Nautilus. Hours of mindful fabrication and manufacturing are poured into the creation of submarines. Some are breath-taken, thinking that they’re learning from nature’s exquisite self-design, when in reality they’re looking at seemly endless designs created by the Ultimate Mind.

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What biological designs interest you? Bioinspiration is a term to describe when we use these biological designs for new technology. How could you put them to work for yourself? Do you think that natural process have the ability to create complex, meaningful design? Why and how?

Image source: Wikipedia

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