May 18, 2024

Atheists Identifies As Christian, ‘We Need to Celebrate that’ Says Professor

Atheists Identifies As Christian, ‘We Need to Celebrate that’ Says Professor
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Satire USA — A new form of religion has been identified. Meet Tony Wabble of Miami Florida, an atheist who identifies as a Christian.

Religion professor John J. Willson of the Miami College of Religion and the Arts stated: “This is a new phenomenon. While many think you can’t be atheist and Christian at the same time, for some reason it seems that you can identify with that. Hey, if one identifies as one, I guess we need to be tolerant of one’s views, right?” He went on to say “In fact, I think we all should celebrate in this man’s new religion. It takes lots of guts and courage to come out of the closet like this.”

Yes, this is satire. To read why this and other creative areas are needed, read my previous post on the topic.

An anonymous source noted “Many of this guy’s friends have told him it does not make sense.” However, upon hearing this objection, professor Wilson said “We don’t live in a world that makes sense anymore people, get over it and join everyone else to support this man’s lifestyle. Truth needs to be up to the individual and we shouldn’t judge this guy.”

Wabble said “The feeling is very liberating, it’s the best of both worlds,” He went on to say “You can live as you please, sleep around with whoever you want, party and live like the Devil and not feel bad about it.”

Science v. God?He is now working on a new version of the the Bible where he is editing to remove all the references to the spiritual world and any commands against sin. He estimates this is going to be a ten year endeavor. He thinks that he will have a good market. “It’s going to hit the market at a time when so many others are becoming like me. Even now, there are many people who identify as a Christian, but don’t like the do’s and don’ts in the Bible, as most all the other translations say. These ideas are old fashioned, they are wooden and we need to get with the times.” He is excited to be working on a new version that will allow one to be a Christian but live as one pleases. “Hey, we need to keep up with the times, right?” Right now he is reading through the Queen James Bible for ideas for his translation.

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