February 24, 2024

A Teachers Perspective on Rules

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As I have taught throughout the years, there has been a general trajectory with my rule number. The longer I taught, the less rules I have. In other words I still had rules, but I tried to make them simple yet overarching so my main goal of teaching could be accomplished. One might think that I might have started loosing control of my classes, however this is not the case, in fact I had more control.

As Christians maybe we could learn from this social microcosm. Please do not misunderstand me, I do not promote antinomianism. The Bible gives us plenty of rules, many that people disregard and then make up their own. Here is an example, the biblical writers and Christ himself, all want his saints love and greet one another and fellow-heirs. However, we have come up with artificial, spiritual sounding walls that divide followers of Christ, those who really are obeying Christ. Wouldn’t we be better off focusing upon what Jesus and the apostles taught instead of our own opinions?

We need to be really careful and mindful of our present rules, we need to assess their use see if they fulfill important Biblical commands. Were they set up for an issue that has blown over now? If they were, why keep them? We need to think deep when we come up with new rules. We need to think of questions such as do we need them, will they cause more division or will they cause unnecessary dissension? Do they bring biblical unity between Christians? Do they help us with our main goal – the fulfillment of Christ’s kingdom? Or is their goal to separate us from other followers of Christ and promote our culture?

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