February 24, 2024

Simply Christian

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Over the past few years, I have been trying to simplify concepts and focus my attention on the most important things in this complex world of ours. One area that I have tried to do this to is my understanding of what the Bible says Christianity means. Simply put a Christian is one who follows Christ. Following Christ is made up of three main parts.
First, it is Living as Christ said we should live, making our life his. This means we despise sin, Satan and the world. We need to have love and unity with others who are following Christ and exhibit the Fruit of the Spirit, obedience to Christ and the apostle’s directives.
Second, we need to help others. We are to help other Christians in need and help our neighbor. We need to visit the prisoner, the widow and orphan. 
Third we need to tell others about Christ. This needs to be done by first obeying and following Christ. How can one expect others to do it if we can’t do it our-self? We need to tell others with words, our life and our talents about the gospel. We also need to be prepared to defend the faith, not “casting pearls before the swine” but telling those who really care.

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