Are Unborn Human Babies Alive? A Biological Perspective Of Life.

Biologists like lists and categories. Lots of them. In my very last biology class as a student, we talked about one such list, a list that describe the attributes of life. This class was virology, so obviously we were interested if viruses are even considered alive, which some push to the outskirts, if they are even life!

While there are a number of variations of lists that distinguish life from non-life, most overlap (example, second example, third example). I wondered how an unborn human baby would fair to such a list. So I put the unborn human to the test.

Living organisms have the following characteristics:

  1. Composed of cells: have cells which are highly organized for specific functions.
  2. Metabolism: capable of converting existing energy into a new usable form.
  3. Growth: taking external material for maintenance and growth.
  4. Stimulus Response: respond to stimuli in their environment.
  5. Adaptation: able to adapt to their environment between generations.
  6. Homeostasis: maintain balanced conditions internally.
  7. Reproduction: capable of procreation or cell division such as mitosis.
  8. Movement: capable of locomotion of some type.

So….does the unborn human baby have these characteristics?

  1. Composed of cells: Yes, very much so.
  2. Metabolism: Yes.
  3. Growth: Yes, they grow and grow!
  4. Stimulus Response: Yes they do.
  5. Adaptation: They happen to be human genetically, so yes.
  6. Homeostasis: Yes.
  7. Reproduction: Very much so!
  8. Movement: Yep!

Biologically, there is no question that the unborn human baby is alive! In fact, the baby is in the exact location that is designed for his/her stage of development. The woman’s womb and the formation of the placenta are specifically designed for that new life. The most technologically advanced and safest baby incubator on earth has sadly become one of the most dangerous locations for babies. The baby is supposed to be there, it is the natural teleology of life in general and humans specifically. Even if the parents don’t want it, it’s still an alive human baby!

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Mary-Anna Haggard
Mary-Anna Haggard

Wow you just said yes to every one of those things without any type of explanation. You think thats winning anyone over?


Not All if those things happen right away obviously. A baby is alive later in the pregnancy but not at conception


Sources? Saying “yes” without a source is useless. Some people actually use information to form opinions rather than a biased website without a source


this is probably the most biased site i have ever seen. yes the baby does all of these but not without relying on the mother. most scientists are pro choice. and, daniel, you’re a guy, you don’t have a reproductive system, you are never going to be pregnant and have to deal with the emotional and physical distress of having a baby. it’s not your choice and you really don’t have a say in the matter. women are not incubators.


Pretty sure they don’t preform homeostasis the mom basically dose it for it but ok