February 24, 2024

When do you stop being you?

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A Zygote from Gray’s Anatomy

Let me treat you to a fictitious journey. You rubbed the “magic lamp” and made your wish, you are now on the way to becoming a younger you.

Wrinkles are disappearing and your face and body are looking younger. As the days turn into years you become younger, not older. But you are still you.

Now don’t mind all the problems with this story, just let your mind wander with me for a bit.

Did I forget to tell you that you are looking so young that you are no longer an adult, nor a teen, nor a preteen but you just passed first grade? But wait, you are no longer an infant, now don’t tell me how, but you now reside in your mother’s womb the second time. However, you are still you, aren’t you? Now I have a question, at what point do you stop being you – in other words, when do you become “a mass of tissue?”

Did I tell you, that with this wish, you have the potential to live your life three times – two growing older and one growing younger? (Maybe you you are not fond of this, but hey, at least I am giving you a chance here.)

But wait, that “blob of tissue from your mother’s womb”, if removed would not be a concern for you, because it is not you, it is just a blob of tissue we are told… For some reason, you are no longer able to live your life thrice, just twice. For you see, that mother of that tissue decided that she had her life to live, that blob would just get in the way because your life was not worth having around. Your mother let you down…removed that “tissue” which took your chance of again living your life. She just killed you!

Picture source: “Gray3”. Licensed under Public domain via Wikimedia Commons

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