June 23, 2024

OB/GYN Professional: No Reason for Abortions, Including Late Term & Ectopic Pregnancy

OB/GYN Professional: No Reason for Abortions, Including Late Term & Ectopic Pregnancy
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Almost exactly 46 years after Roe v. Wade, New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo signed a bill legalizing many late term abortions. To celebrate the law, he had landmarks, such as the World Trade Center memorial, lit with pink light. Sarah Cleveland, a “nationally registered ultrasound tech specializing in OB/GYN with 15+ years experience”, says no abortion any time is ever needed, including for ectopic pregnancies. First, she address late term abortions.

“If there is an emergency situation during the second or third trimester, the mother is rushed to the hospital where she is immediately hooked to a monitor. Her belly (the baby) is also strapped to a monitor. Vitals for BOTH MOTHER AND BABY are done. Meds are pushed. Exams are completed. Blood drawn. Contractions monitored. We have TWO patients.

“If there is a true emergency (high blood pressure due to pregnancy, for example) doctors will in fact end the pregnancy to save the mother. It is called an EMERGENCY C-SECTION. The baby is out- maybe very early, but the baby is out- and cared for. The pregnancy has ended and Mom can be cared for. “Isn’t that the so-called point of why pro-choicers advocate for abortion? That they need to be able to “terminate the pregnancy to save the life of the mother”? Well, here ya go. Emergencies ending in c-sections, ending the pregnancy and saving the mother, happen all the time.

“You know what doesn’t happen all the time? As in, like, never? An emergency abortion. There is NO SUCH THING. Never in the 9 years, while working in a large hospital, often in the ER, did I hear the words, “Quick! Get me forceps and suction! This woman needs an emergency abortion STAT!” Why did I never hear these words? Because emergency abortions don’t exist.

“A late term abortion (often considered beyond 20 weeks of pregnancy) is a 2-3 day procedure. The baby is bigger, the cervix needs dilated and softened, and the “procedure” is more involved. The mother is sent away after day 1 of the abortion only to come back on day 2 or day 3 to complete the expulsion of her dead baby.

“What life threatening emergency takes 3 days to treat as an outpatient procedure? NONE. A true late term pregnancy emergency would be taken care of in a 20 minute c-section in a hospital, as stated above. In no true emergency is any mother making an appointment: “Yeah, hi. I am having an emergency. I might be dying. I need to have an abortion please… Sure, next Tuesday at 9 sounds great. See you then.. Thanks!” Are you kidding me?! Are people even thinking this through? “Don’t believe the lies. There is no need for late term abortion. There is no need for an emergency abortion. There is no need for abortion. Period.”

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She goes on and address the confusing and misunderstood topic of ectopic pregnancies too.

“When I tell people that there is no medical reason for an abortion at any stage of pregnancy, people often bring up the issue of ectopic pregnancies. Even well meaning, concerned pro-life people bring this up. They don’t know how to answer it and for this reason may say they are “pro life with exceptions”. This is the loophole pro aborts need to push abortion on demand, without restrictions, and without apology.

“If we are to abolish the evil of abortion, we would do a service to ourselves (and to the babies!!) to better understand what is (and is not) an ectopic and how it relates to abortion.

“An ectopic pregnancy is a pregnancy in an abnormal location. It is also called an extrauterine pregnancy, meaning a pregnancy outside of the uterus. Most of the time (95-97%) they are found in the fallopian tubes. Even so, ectopic pregnancies are rare.

“In tubal ectopic pregnancies, the mother presents symptoms of pelvic pain, spotting, nausea, and abnormal hCG levels. By the time the ectopic is located, mostly before 7 weeks LMP, (dated from last menstrual period), the baby is already dead. There is nothing in the tubes to sustain this life.

“Using ultrasound, we can detect the abnormal area between an ovary and the uterus, where the tubal pregnancy is located. It contains chrionic villi, (the primitive cells that would make the placenta), maternal blood, pregnancy cells and debris, and a non living microscopic baby. What we see is a small (1-3cm) heterogeneous area in the pelvis, not a living baby with a heartbeat.

“The danger of a tubal pregnancy is that the tube is not very elastic, highly vascular, and not designed to carry a pregnancy. If it ruptures, the mother will have internal bleeding which will likely cause maternal death without immediate treatment. So, we intervene to remove the ectopic, often surgically, from the mother. This is not an abortion.

“For the even more rare instances when a tubal pregnancy is found to be still living, (I have seen 2 in my ultrasound career of 15 years and the babies were each between 7-8 weeks), the ethical treatment would be watchful waiting. If the mother is stable, she can be sent home with very strict orders about what to watch for and what to do if/when things start going downhill. Or, we can admit the mother to the hospital, if she is unstable. Here, serial ultrasounds and blood work should be done to monitor hCG levels (found in simple blood draws) as well as monitoring the mother’s vitals. Once the baby dies, surgery to remove the tube is then morally acceptable.

“Some physicians also prescribe a drug called methotrexate to attack and kill the ectopic. Even though the baby is not living, other cells can be, and their growth needs halted, such as the chorionic villi and amnion. This is not as effective as surgery, but it is less invasive and some doctors decide to give this a try first to see if it will dissolve the area of concern. This can only be done if the ectopic is very small and the mother is stable.

“If free fluid is seen within the pelvis, with confirmation of an ectopic, emergency surgery is indicated as the mother has already started to internally bleed and the tube has ruptured. If the tube is ruptured, the baby has died. Again, not an abortion if removing an already dead baby.

“For the even more rare cases of an ectopic pregnancy where the baby is located in the abdominal cavity, these babies have a much better chance of survival. These are the ones we hear of occasionally in other countries where ultrasound and other medical technologies are not readily available or used. What the baby needs to attach to in order to live is endometrial tissue. If the mother has endometriosis, abnormal placement of endometrial tissue outside the uterus, then there is potential an extrauterine pregnancy can attach there and grow to term. (Amazing, actually.) Abdominal ectopics are <1% of all ectopics.

“Lastly, all of these situations are real medical conditions which need to be monitored and treated through a hospital. They cannot be treated at an abortion clinic. Why?

“1) Abortion facilities are not real surgical centers. They are designed to dilate and scrape the inside of the uterus only going through the vaginal vault and cervix. There are no abdominal incisions. No surgery on tubes. These facilities aren’t set up like that because they aren’t really in the business of true medical care. That is not their purpose. And although they can dispense pills for an intrauterine (normal) pregnancy, they cannot dispense pills for an extrauterine pregnancy. Abortion pills to contract the uterus are not the same as pills to treat an ectopic condition.

“2) Ectopic pregnancy situations are true medical emergencies which require prompt attention. No pregnant woman is going to make an appointment for her suspected or known ectopic. She needs to go to the ER, not make an appt for next Wednesday at 1pm. (Abortions are by appointment only, not walk ins.) So, next time you’re out ministering at an abortion mill and a mother tells you she is there for an ectopic, she’s lying. Call her bluff and continue to call her to repentance and to leave that wicked place.

“There is no reason for an abortion. Not a social reason, not a personal reason, and not a medical reason. Ectopics should be understood and not used in any way to justify killing babies.”

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So, what did you think? Feel free to share your thoughts below!   Article Source: The comments in this post are from Sarah Cleveland. Sarah is a “nationally registered ultrasound tech specializing in OB/GYN with 15+ years experience.” Her content was used by permission. Feel free to follower her on facebook: https://www.facebook.com/sarah.cleveland.14 Disclaimer: It should go without saying that just because I “quote”, “reference” or even “recommend” a book, article, lecture or a person, does not mean I agree with everything he/she says or writes. If you are “offended” by something said, feel free to make your concerns known below.
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    1. You could add to your article that the next step after the medical procedure for unwanted babies is that they can be offered for adoption. The mother can ask God to find the best possible placement for the child.How He loves to answer that one!

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