March 5, 2024

Why I Did Not Have A Happy Holiday This Past Year

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Did I have great sadness? Was there pain? Was I lonely?
Thanks for asking, but no, these were not the reasons. In fact, I feel fine. However, I still did not have a “happy holiday.” I would rather say I did have a joyful time celebrating the remembrance of Christ’s birth.
I hope next Christmas season, you to will use this opportunity to tell others about Christ. Think about it, Christmas is the time of the year when most are willing to hear about Christ. In fact they expect people to talk about him. In fact even unbelievers talk about him.
It is good and biblically directed for us to verbally tell others about our Christ and salvation. However, I would encourage you to have at least one modest goal in eleven months from now. Start thinking about your greeting cards.
If you are creative with art or words use it for Christ. If God did not grant you with those gifts, start looking for cards that are creative, powerful and have a meaningful message for the Gospel’s sake.
My question for you is what type of card will you send out? One with the message of Christ, or are you going to have happy holidays with Santa Clause?

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