May 18, 2024

When John Came to Town

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…modern Christians think that if John were to walk into any conservative church today, he would feel right at home. He would find that twenty-first century western Christians think and reason just like first-century Christians living in the Mediterranean world. He would find that today’s western Christians worship in the same manner as he did and hold to all the same theological beliefs (1). 

I wonder how out of place John would feel? Would he feel like he was the poorest one in the mist? What would he think of our clothes, or lack there of? What would he think of our expensive clothing and grandiose and frequent vacations? Would he feel that Christians spend too much time and money on themselves?

Would he feel uncomfortable with our teachings? Would he not be using all the “proper Christian” terminology that we may think is important? Would he be uncomfortable with our customs and subcultures? Would he be disappointed by ungodliness he would see in churches? What would he think of laxity in his followers of telling people about the kingdom of God and helping those in need?

What would he say to you, what would you say to him? Would you make him uncomfortable, would he make you uncomfortable?

(1) Bercot, David (2009-10-15). Will the Theologians Please Sit Down (pp. 163-164). Scroll Publishing Co.. Kindle Edition. 

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