July 5, 2022

Santa Claus Christianity

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“The most wonderful time of the year” projects many kid’s imaginations into the realm of fantasy with Santa and the elves. Unfortunately, many Christian adults also have the same view of the Bible, it is fantasy. Now they would never say that, but their “reasoning” affirms this view.

Some of my past students believe the Biblical creation account. However, in the same breath they say that the Bible and science are at odds. Not only that, but science has all the facts that point to naturalist mechanism for the origin of life. But…since they are Christian, they are going believe the Bible.

In other words, Science has the facts (truth), the Bible is not factual (not true), but they are going to believe the Bible. In other words the Bible does not paint a picture of how the world really works, it is a fable, not reality, but they are still going to believe.

This is not noble, rather it is unwise!

This type of thinking produces a baseless faith that leads to superstition. It is like a child believing in Santa Claus, there is no such thing, it is just in one’s imagination.

The Bible presents no such faith. The Scriptures show reality. It shows humans for what they really are.

The middle-age philosophers were mainly Christian, which birthed science. Christianity helped birth the university system. This is not chance, Biblical understanding gave many the desire to learn more about how the world works. It is the Biblical concept of uniformity, God is the same yesterday, today and forever, that catalyzed the framework to believe that we could learn more. As Christians we know that everything has been designed at one point, which means there is purpose in structure, this drives new knowledge.

In fact reason, logic, thought, information, math and morality, to name a few items, only make total sense when viewed through the lens of the Scripture. No, this is not a fable, we have the goods. Stand strong, learn, and understand that truly “the fear of the Lord is the begin of knowledge.”

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