June 23, 2024

Vacation On The Islands

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This is vacation time. Many are planning, thinking and just can’t wait for that lustful destination. But let me “put a stone in your shoe” as you are on that extended vacation, or planning your third blissful retreat this year.


Why are you going? No really, what is the purpose? How much money are you planning on spending? Why so much?

It is interesting that some make to the case an extravagant vacation because Jesus went on a short sabbatical to get away to rest and pray (1). Check out the following: how long did he go for? What did he do while away? How much did it cost? How far did he go? Did he go for his pleasure or for rejuvenation?


Now, what I am not saying here is that vacations are wrong, even on the islands. But how much are you spending, how often do you go? Now I don’t have a set limit of times you should go or the dollar limit you should spend. Rather I hope you are using wisdom from above to make those decisions. In the book of James, in chapter one, James tells us to ask God for wisdom, he will give it to us generously. Wisdom is the ability for one to both think and act using their knowledge, understanding, experiences, common sense and insight. For this case, as most cases, a strong foundation in the Scriptures helps inform this wisdom that God gives us. Have you desired and requested wisdom already? Have you done your research.

More offence coming 

Offended yet? Read on for more. Sadly some feel themselves very spiritual if they go on that grandiose vacation, but maybe a little worldly when sharing God’s gifts with others around the world. It seems that some are always talking about their last get away, but does this not sound selfish, In fact is it not selfish? Why would a self-centered activity be more Godly than one where we share God’s gifts with others?

What about you?

Will you be willing to give up some, if not all, of your vacation to go help the poor, feed the hungry, visit the widows and tell others about the Kingdom of God? Do you want to travel to a far away destination for a get away? Well here’s your chance. I am sure you could help in some way to make a difference.

Don’t know where to start? How much time did you spend finding that perfect vacation spot last year? Do your research, how much should you help, when, where and how. Instead of planning that utopic holiday, plan that trip to help another’s physical and spiritual needs. I hope that “stone in your shoe” keeps bugging you all summer.

What are you doing for Christ’s sake? We all have a job, find an opportunity and do it well. Give them heaven folks!

(1) Example: Mark 6:31-32 & 46

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