February 24, 2024

Trust Me, I’m a Doctor

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“Trust Me, I’m a Doctor.” I have seen that quip on a T-shirt once in the attempt to be amusing. But what if one claims to be a physician, but has no medical knowledge and no credentials? This person would be a fake! This person, if trying to practice medicine, would be rightfully punished.

However, I think of this when I see some who profess Christ but do those things which Christ and the apostles commanded against. When one supports and endorses things like drunkenness, partying, abortion, sexual immorality and homosexuality, this person is a nominal Christian. He or she does not know Christ because he or she has rejected his commands. These types of people will not inherit the kingdom of God.

If one would receive punishment for lying about being a physician, what greater punishment will one receive when one fakes Christianity?

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