July 5, 2022

The Gaps that Naturalism Fails To Answer (And What It Means For You)

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Interesting conversation

Recently, I had the opportunity to communicate with some people about origins. I pointed out that naturalism, as a world view, has many problems. Problems such as the lack of explanation for the formation of the laws of physics, the reason that there is something rather than nothing, the origin of life’s building blocks, the information source within the cell and the origin of life. One must say that these are big issues. Real BIG! I was perplexed when one responded with something to the effect of “these are just small gaps that we have not yet explained, you are just pushing your God into the gap.”

My response was simple – these are not small gaps, they are LARGE gaps, so large that they are the foundation of existence!

Another thing befuddles me, many Christians swallow the naturalistic world view “hook, line and sinker.” Many feel that naturalism can explain the origin of life and information. It can’t intrinsically. They exchange a robust world view with amazing explanatory power for a degraded view that has lame and tenuous answers – a view that does not match reality!

IBITE Science Facebook page!

Switching gears to a new topic, I want to note that we have a new Facebook page for those of us who like science, but are disillusioned by the closed minded and naturalistic mindset that dominates many popular sites. Here’s the Facebook description:

IBITE Science is a network of scientists and people who like science.

Natural science is the search for causes and truth in the universe. It is the intellectual and practical activity of studying structure and behavior while accumulating knowledge through the scientific method. Sometimes the evidence points to natural phenomenon, and other times to intelligent causes. We are open-minded. In other words we try to “follow the evidence where it leads.”

In addition, we want to be both edgy and just have fun a times.

There you go, feel free to like the page and the posts! Even if science is not your field, interesting memes and articles are linked there. Please feel free to interact on the page as well! https://www.facebook.com/ibitescience

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