April 12, 2024

Is Abortion Justified Because It’s Self-defense?

Is Abortion Justified Because It’s Self-defense?
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I guess unborn babies are evil nasty criminals. Now, I don’t believe that myself, nor has anyone actually said that, however, those who celebrate and even defend taking the unborn’s life have said similar. It goes like this, “since we have the right to defend ourselves when another person violates our body, abortion is justified.” You see, since the fetus never received a “woman’s consent” for residence in her womb, abortion is just self-defense because the baby is trespassing. If you are left scratching your head, you are not alone! This argument is so bad on so many levels.

First, I think this claim is found wanting because it’s a categorical error, two totally different concepts are at play. The unborn isn’t an intruder, rather it’s in its natural place for human procreation and it’s proceeding through proper human development. Nor can the unborn physically request permission of residence in the womb.

Second, while there is no moral obligation to sustain muggers or rapists, there is a moral duty to sustain one’s child. Parental neglect of a child is morally reprehensible. If parents weren’t accountable for their child’s care, we would at best be living in a barbaric culture. The massive negative social consequences would truly be devastating.

One’s freedom doesn’t negate one’s responsibilities.

Third, this claim confuses consent and consequences. Many choices have consequences that we didn’t consent. Eating too many hamburgers leads to the a consequence of weight gain, but the weight gain was not per one’s consent.

Forth, the unborn baby didn’t cause the pregnancy, rather it’s the effect. Even if the parents don’t want him or her, the baby isn’t responsible for its existence.

Lastly, defending against rape or mugging, even with the use of force, isn’t the same as murdering one’s own offspring. What would we think of a parent who killed a toddler for slapping his or her face? That would be murder!

It makes no sense whatsoever to demand mom’s permission so one does not die from mom’s hands. It also makes no sense for mom to not bear responsibility for her actions, assuming there was no rape involved. But even if there was rape, do we punish one for the crime of another? In this case, capital punishment?

It comes down to this, I don’t know how you can place stabbing, shooting or rapping on the same level as a baby in the womb. Aborting the baby’s life does not strike me not as self-defense, rather the baby is being murdered by his or her own parent!

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