July 18, 2024

How Should You Vote in the Elections? On Voting, Marxism and Abortion [With Video]

How Should You Vote in the Elections? On Voting, Marxism and Abortion [With Video]
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Today, elections for me and my United States readers are in full swing. Yes, the whole world knows, I know. And yes, we all have questions and concerns. All of us are looking down into a deep pit of uncertainty with the two main candidates. Yes too, I have concerns with both of the two major platforms, both with questionable character. Unless something crazy happens, one of two people will be the next president of the United States. I think with either one, we will need God’s mercy.

However, character and religious views, while important, I don’t think are the only areas to assess candidates. We must also look at their political views on positions on the issues. We also must assess their total worldview, even if it is fragmented.

Now, I do not know every issue, nor am I going to try to address every position and concern. There are many issues at stake that I would love to talk about, but I just don’t have time. However, I do think there are two essential issues Christians should take seriously when going to the polls. The first issue is Marxism: is it compatible with Christianity? I argue in the below video clip it is not compatible. And one candidate is much more socialistic than the other. Marxism scares me, and it scares me that more are not concerned about the socialistic agenda!

The second issue is one’s view of taking the life of the unborn. One candidate is pro-life (except for a few circumstances, which does not make sense and is inconsistent). However, the other whole heartily advocates the taking of unborn human life, the freedom of choice of the mother to end the life of her unborn baby! However, do we not understand that this is human life? This one issue should drive us to tears, truly we live in a culture of death! This is not a choice, it is murder. That is not a radical statement, it is just speaking reality.

However, still some are uncertain to vote because they do not like either candidate’s character, I totally understand. However, I think those who hold to this don’t look at the bigger picture. If you may, I would like to remind you that you are not voting just for president, but many others too. You are voting for a vice president, the cabinet and hundreds if not thousands of others who are support staff. This does not even count future judicial recommendations that will be needed to be filled in the coming years. In other words, your choice will effect those other positions as well! Plus, when you go to vote, you will be voting for local positions, which is still essential.

Yesterday I recorded a video where I tried to superficially address Marxism and abortion. I argue that Marxism is at odds with the Christian worldview. I also claim that abortion takes the life of the unborn , this is serious, let me repeat, it is taking the life of an unborn child!

Thus the need to vote.


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