April 12, 2024

America’s 21st Century Holocaust: It’s Worse Than You May Think

America’s 21st Century Holocaust: It’s Worse Than You May Think
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Warning: Graphic descriptions and images below: dead babies. However, if you can’t read this or look at the images, what are you doing to prevent this 21st century Holocaust?

Forty-four years ago today, the most dangerous procedure on earth was legalized by the U.S. Supreme Court. Now you all probably know it, but I would ask that you never forget it and I would ask that you help work to change it. The Court legalized the taking if innocent unborn human babies’ lives in the infamous case of Roe v. Wade.

I ran across a Planned Parenthood page that talked about just that, and I would like to address a few concerns with what they said.

Talking about the infamous court case, they say it “…recognized that the constitutional right to privacy extends to a woman’s right to make her own personal medical decisions — including the decision to have an abortion without interference from politicians.”

While it became legal, this is not a woman’s personal medical decision: it’s not her body. Abortion is when a mom takes the life of an innocent unborn human being growing in her womb. Thus, the decision was never offered to the unborn, which will never be given a choice and voice. His or her life will be snuffed out before he or she has a chance to take a breath, before he or she is even born! Whether it is legal or not, does not make it moral. Just because it is an is, does not make it an ought. Taking the life of innocent human with out proper justification is never moral. That is what the unborn are, innocent unborn human babies, alive and fully human, in their proper place for their development stage.

The writer of the Planned Parenthood page goes on and says “Over 40 years later, Americans are still standing by this decision — with 7 in 10 [or 70 in 100] Americans believing Roe v. Wade should remain the law of the land.”

That my friend is false. This is where they need a source link, such as Pew, like I did here. But they didn’t. Actually the number is closer to to 56% of people, or 56 out of a 100. Way too high, but much, much lower then their number. The Pew page goes on to say that about 49% of us think it is morally wrong. In other words, 49 out of 100 people think it is immoral. That is about half of the USA.

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But there is more, let’s assume their number is correct. In fact, for that sake of argument, let’s slide that number up to 80% or 90% or even 100%. Now let me ask the simple question, does the opinion of the populous define morality? If you would say yes, you are a relativist, which includes lot’s of other baggage that you don’t want to carry. I can’t get into all that baggage right now, but most don’t want to go there because of the unintended consequences.

Planned Parenthood’s point also fails because of just one simple fact: just because everyone else does it or thinks its right is not a good argument to show it is right. You know this well. If everyone would say and approve of beating little babies for the fun of it, and think it is good, does that make it right? Or what about slapping and punching grandmas in the face at will? If all would think it was good, would it be? The simple fact is this, it is a logical fallacy they are making, this is called the fallacy of popular opinion. Not good at all!

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The article goes on to insinuate that woman will kill their unborn babies anyway (yep, they used the sanitized word “abortion”). They claim it is dangerous for the woman’s health, and I’m sure it is. The assumption they want you to make is this, they want you to think that this is why we need it legal and done by professionals. But does this follow? Does this make sense logically? People do lots of things that are dangerous and wrong, but it does not make them morally right even if done by professionals, right?

But they don’t stop there, they go on to say “…now that abortion is legal, it has become one of the safest medical procedures in the United States — with a safety record of over 99 percent, in fact.”

What? Safest? For whom? The mom? Or the baby?

It is not the safest procedure, for sure. Fifty percent of all the people who go into the procedure die. Let me say it this way, two people enter the clinic, only one exits alive, the other one is crushed, mangled, murdered and trashed. This is the truth, not an overstatement nor rhetoric alone. Let’s not kid ourselves and whitewash evil deeds. You see, she who leaves has her voice and life. She makes a life snuffing decision for her very own baby boy or girl, a decision that will forever prevent that baby from making future decisions. He or she, the baby, has had no choice, including his or her own conception and now his or her own death for he or she is now dead.

8 week abortion, Copyright AbortionNO.org. Used according to their guidelines.

9 week abortion, Copyright AbortionNO.org. Used according to their guidelines.


Now you know. If you have had an abortion, repent from the sin. If this activity concerns you like it does me, what are you doing to prevent this 21st century Holocaust? Will you make a fool of yourself and stand up for those who have no voice, or would you rather live in personal peace and comfort?


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If you have tried to make a difference to stop the murder of the unborn, how? If not, what will you be doing this year? Please share below so we all can get encouragement and ideas!

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