Do Cavemen and Dinosaurs Fit into the Bible? Cavemen (Part 2)

In a previous article, we looked at the issue of dinosaurs and the Bible. We built a foundation for the whole topic by working through the idea of God, creation and the universe. As promised in that article, we want to address the caveman issue. It was this, do cavemen fit into the biblical account, and if so where?

So, What About Them Cavemen?

When people say “cavemen” a couple things come to mind. Are we talking about some type of “monkey-people” or are we just talking about cave dwelling “you and me” type of humans?

What one believes about this question depends upon one’s view of human origins. Did we evolve from lower primates and ultimately from microbes? Or did God make humans as humans from the beginning, in his image?

The quick answer is that I think the “cavemen” were human, the you and me type, not some sort of “in-between” race. If all we want is cave dwelling people, we have that today. However, these people are still fully human, homo sapiens.

In addition, I’d rather take God at what he said. Sure, it may be fun to think of other scenarios, but if God is telling the truth, I’m not sure why we can’t just take him at his description of how he created humans. God says that he made humans in his image, so if he does not lie, I’m not sure why we should think otherwise.

Made In God’s Image?

However, this brings up another thing, what did he mean by that, being made in God’s image? This is still debated, but I think most think it has to do with how we think, our free will, our creativity, our moral sensibility and our ability to create.

Consider, as well, our ability and interest in complex math does not seem to have a Darwinian grounding. Who really cares about imaginary numbers? How about our desire to make things, just for the sake of making things? What about our complex verbal and nonverbal communication skills and intricate language? Those aren’t things that seem to be needed in the Darwinian sense.

What about this, why are we so interested in the beauty, the beauty of nature and the order of nature? Why are we curious about astronomy, physics, history and geography? Knowledge of these don’t immediately help us in a “tooth and claw” world.

Why is art, literature and music even valuable to us? We don’t need any of this just to survival nor even for reproduction. These just seem like excessive and extras “gifts”.

In addition, these skills and abilities are quite deep in our “blood”. A “uncivilized”, half naked, indigenous person has the same learning potential as one who is in a mansion and has earned terminal degrees.

The Physical As Well…

But that’s not all. We not only have an interest and ability to learn about nature, but we also have the proper physical body and brain to be able to study these things. We have an optimal body and mind that allows us to make and use fire, musical instruments and complex technology. Compared to other, organisms, there is no comparison.

On all these accounts, there really do seems to be stark contrast between humans and the rest of the biological world. Humans really do seem to have unique characteristics that no other creature on earth has. Many of these types of “non-adaptive order” in humans don’t have any Darwinian utility or adaptability advantage in a purely Darwinian evolution sense.

In a future article, I plan on talking about the “cavemen” issue, from a different angle. What about the so called in-between species between the ape like ancestor and us? I would like to address it from an angle you may not have heard before (Update, read it here!). If you would like to find out about that topic, please subscribe so you don’t miss it.

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How old do you believe that humans are? Do you believe that God used evolution to create the world or are you a strict Creationist?

Rose Evening

False. Indeed God has made man in his image. There still are a few things why cave men don’t look like what we look like today. Also no it’s not because of Darwin’s theory. Plenty of scientist and archeologists have proven major evidence about dinosaurs and early man living on our Earth. So that obviously means that the Earth has been here for billions of years. In the Bible they say Lucifer was thrown out of heaven and bound to live of Earth. So that means Earth was there when Lucifer was thrown out of heaven. There is a possibility… Read more »

David DeLaCruz
David DeLaCruz

However, Genesis 1:1 “In the beginning,…”