July 18, 2024

Should Christians Use Critical Thinking And Is It Important? [Video Quick Answers]

Should Christians Use Critical Thinking And Is It Important? [Video Quick Answers]
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In today’s church, we want to use our heart, our emotions and feelings. This is good. We also want to be “Spirit led”, while very biblical in one sense, it is misguided, novel and unbiblical how most Christians think of it today and use the language. Sadly, this is seen across the spectrum of many Christian groups!

However, the proper use of the mind is often overlooked, because emotions and feelings are much easier than mental work. Believe me! However, we are commanded to use our minds. Jesus taught we are to love God with our whole being, that includes a lot of things, but our mind was not exempt (Mark 12:30). If fact, we are taught that we need to use it to not be deceived. This can be seen in the “rubrics”, if you will, presented on deception prevention (Deu 11:16, Luke 21:8, 1 Cor 6:9, 1 Cor 15:33, Eph 5:6 and Gal 6:7). We can’t do this without the aid of the mind, especially critical thinking.

This is the topic of the new iApologia quick answers clip on the iApologia Youtube channel.

New Youtube Channel
Yes, I started one for this site! In the recent past, a friend encouraged me to start a Youtube channel in connection with iApologia. The desire was for quick answers to many tough questions having to do with Science, Reason and Christianity. The aim was for the millennial generation, which I happen to be apart of (plus for everyone else too!). You see, we like:

  • quick answers
  • well thought out answers
  • true answers
  • solid reasons in the answers
  • authentic people giving the answers
  • straight shooting answers

However, I would say most like these attributes!

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So, What About Critical Thinking?
It is a common fallacy that critical thinking is “being critical of someone or something”. Nor does it necessarily mean “criticizing and challenging traditional beliefs, values and authorities.” A book I’ve had on my shelf for years, “Brave New Schools” by Berit Kjos, says as much on page 253. Sadly, these are false definitions, usually promoted by well-meaning, sincere, but ill-informed Christians. We need to do better research before making such claims. But alas, sincerity does not equal truth!

Science v. God?Rather, critical thinking is when we question assumptions, think deeply and logically. It is hunting assumptions and judging to see if our assumptions are accurate and valid. It is clear and accurate thinking. While it is necessary for life, it is not sufficient either, we need to know something before we can think about it!

Get this, critical thinking is necessary so we will stay alive and so we are not deceived. Both Jesus and the apostles were firm that we should beware of deception. In fact, the Berean’s, in Acts 17, were greatly praised because they checked up on the Apostle’s teaching, a process that used critical thinking.

Again, Jesus taught we are to love the Lord our God with all our heart, soul, mind and strength. It can’t just be all emotion, but a proper balance of mind as well!

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