February 24, 2024

Multiverse Theory Proves Flying Spaghetti Monster

Multiverse Theory Proves Flying Spaghetti Monster
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You may not consciously believe in the flying spaghetti monster, but if you affirm Multiverse Theory–as many atheists, agnostics, and anti-theists do–then you really do believe in his Meatball Noodliness. Here’s how.

Science v. God?Premise 1: To account for the vast improbabilities of this universe, this universe is treated as one among many, perhaps, infinite universes [Multiverse theory]

Premise 2: Given infinite (or nearly infinite) universes every logical possibility becomes a metaphysical inevitability (or near inevitability) [i.e., all possible options are tried, so every remotely possible state eventually occurs]

Premise 3: The Flying Spaghetti Monster is logical possible [as are unicorns, leprechauns, tooth fairies, etc.] since they are not logically incoherent.

Conclusion: Therefore, the Flying Spaghetti Monster exists.

There you have it. If one agrees with multiverse theory, where the number of universes are so vastly expanded as to make inevitiabilities out of the many improbabilities of this universe, it is virtually certain that at least one of those many universes has a flying spaghetti monster. For that matter, one may add to the collection of actualized creatures, unicorns, fairy god mothers, tooth fairies, leprechauns, and honest lawyers. All of these exist!!!

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Image and Post source: Intelligent Christian Faith used by permission. For in-depth rebuttal and responses to the rebuttals please go to Intelligent Christian Faith

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3 thoughts on “Multiverse Theory Proves Flying Spaghetti Monster

  1. Well, that’s a pretty stupid argument. There may well be an infinite number of universes, but it does not follow that every possible imagined creature or deity must exist as a result. Every universe could be identical to our own. Or we may be the one exception and all the others are identical. Or there may be 5, or 100, or 1000 different types of universe. None of these hypotheses are contingent o the Flying Spaghetti Monster existing.

    1. Thanks Vim for your thoughts. However, the argument for the multiverse is to explain the fine tuning of our universe. It is so specified that naturalistic origins is impossible, unless we increase the chances. Thus, the idea is that any conceivably universe that could exist does. However, the multiverse argument has no scientific data to back it up, and at this time, it can’t be tested. So I would assert that is the only other option besides a creator, and the multiverse is dead. Thus, a creator who can finely tune the universe is the only sensible option.

  2. If the multiverse were populated entirely by universes very similar to this one then it doesn’t serve the explanatory value for which the multiverse was first introduced, namely, to explain how extremely improbable fine tuning parameters become probable enough to merit belief. It’s like a lottery where the odds of winning go up with each new ticket BUT ONLY if the tickets cover all the different numbers. If, as you say, all the tickets were almost identical then they can’t improve your chances of winning.

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