July 18, 2024

What Is Genetic Entropy And Does It Disprove Darwinism? [Video Quick Answers]

What Is Genetic Entropy And Does It Disprove Darwinism? [Video Quick Answers]
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It has been said that for every beneficial mutation, there is approximately a million harmful mutations. We are degeneration through mutations.

Each generation is losing functional information, approximately 100 more mutations than their parents. The average 16 year old has approximately 6,000 mutations per cell. The average 60 year old will have 40,000 mutations per skin cell.

Check out Dr. Sanford’s book “Genetic Entropy”!

Genetic Entropy presents compelling scientific evidence that the genomes of all living creatures are slowly degenerating – due to the accumulation of slightly harmful mutations. This is happening in spite of natural selection. The author of this book, Dr. John Sanford, is a Cornell University geneticist. He begins by examining how random mutation and natural selection actually operate, and shows that simple logic demands that genomes must degenerate. He then makes a historical examination of the relevant field (population genetics), and shows that the best scientists in that field have consistently acknowledged many of the fundamental problems he has uncovered (but they have failed to communicate these problems to the broader scientific community). Lastly, in collaboration with other scientists, he shows that real biological populations clearly manifest genetic degeneration. Get your copy here.

Mutations cause many diseases, cancer and ultimately death. It degenerates systems, does not provide more functional information. This this is not good, it means we are going down, not up.

Darwinian evolution’s major leg is mutation. This is not good for microbe to man evolution, we are getting more and more mutant, in a bad way.

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