May 18, 2024

How To Spot And Deal With Cult And Cultic Groups [Podcast]

How To Spot And Deal With Cult And Cultic Groups [Podcast]
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The 1970’s brought us the gut wrenching and infamous case of Jim Jones and the public awareness of cults gone rogue. It showed how innocent people can be whirlpooled into the arms of evil murderous man. Many cults and cult like groups never will mass murder people as in the case of Jones. However, similar techniques and sociological coercion tactics are still used, used in the attempt to bypass one’s freewill. “Peon” dedication to the group or the leaders is expected, the demand is to almost treat them as god like status (which may be denied).

There are two areas we could talk about on this issue, one the the theological concerns and the other the is the sociological concerns. In this show, I just discuss the sociological concerns. Enjoy!

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