What is Christian Unity?

Unity is essential among true disciples, Jesus made this clear in John 17. Jesus says that unity in the Church shows the world that he came from the Father! Over and over, the apostles teach that oneness and unity are essentials for Jesus followers.

However, many talk about unity, but rarely is it ever defined. When it is defined, some may want to define it narrowly, so narrow that only a few can be “united in Christ.” Usually, those who are prone to such type of definition are also the type to add to Scriptural commands. They add things like culture, traditions and customs. However, some try to define it so broad that anyone and everyone is a Christian. However, if this happens, the word Christian loses its meaning. If Scriptural demands and doctrine, commands and teachings are removed its authority becomes muted.

Neither approach is correct.

I would challenge you to just take a peruse through the Bible every place that talked about unity, oneness, one mind, like mind, etc. What will you find? Well, one will find that the context defines it quite simply. In a nutshell, unity is just turning to Christ from sin, trusting in the Son of God for salvation and following Jesus. Core theology is important and so is a life of obedience to Scripture.

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